Our Thinking

We believe that a firm must embrace external sources of innovation to remain competitive. Universities and government research centers are natural idea factories to supply this continuous innovation and intellectual property.

Whether to ensure that your products and services have the most compelling new technology, or to protect the current franchise from infringement claims, external intellectual property acquisition is an effective, rapid and low-cost solution.


Too Good To Fail
Creating Marketplace Value from the World’s Brightest Minds is a guide for senior managers seeking to address their need to rapidly develop innovative products and services


The Journal of Technology Transfer
The growth of China’s technology transfer industry over the next decade: implications for global markets


Technology Transfer for Entrepreneurs
A Guide to Commercializing Federal Laboratory Innovations


The New Idea Factory
Expanding technology companies with university intellectual capital

The Tekcapital Advantage

Continuous Discovery
Expert technology sourcing from 4,000+ universities & research laboratories across 160 countries

Scientific Screening of Technology Acquisition Candidates
Intellectual property filtered by our leading experts to ensure relevance and fit with your goals

University IP Mobile App
Patent search engine for quickly finding groundbreaking university IP worldwide

Objective Analysis of New Technologies
Comprehensive scientific and business review to determine the market potential of new technologies

Technology Transfer Placement Services
Providing knowledgeable and experienced technology transfer professionals for universities and corporations