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Company and Boards


Tekcapital is a global university technology and intellectual property services company founded in Oxford, England. We source technologies from more than 4,000 research institutions in 160 countries to help our clients profit from university developed intellectual property.


Capturing innovation developed by some of the world’s finest minds is the core of Tekcapital’s strategy. We work across technology sectors and are aligned and driven by our client’s need for rapid innovation and intellectual property protection. We are working to assist our customers around the world to find, review and acquire the proprietary technology they need to advance their businesses.

Our Values

Our values shape everything we do and the choices we make. Having a shared set of values helps us make decisions and in the process, strengthens and expands our Company. All of our actions are driven and informed by the following values:

  • Dedication to every client’s success
  • Innovation that matters for our clients and enables them to rapidly enhance and protect their products and services
  • Bringing new technologies to the marketplace that improve the quality of life and create marketplace value
  • To be a trusted, ethical, tireless and imaginative partner

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