What is Tekcapital’s IDN? 

Tekcapital has developed an Innovation Discovery Network that seeks to rationalize the current supply of university and research center intellectual properties available for immediate acquisition or licensing from more than 4,000 research institutions in 160 countries.


Why do we have a Science Advisory Board? 

Tekcapital believes that clients need actionable information and not just data. We prepare a monthly advisory report for each client which identifies the top technologies acquisition candidates available for immediate acquisition. Each acquisition candidate is filtered by a subject matter expert for fit, relevance and scientific merit.


How does Tekcapital’s revenue model work?

Tekcapital’s core revenues are driven by monthly client retainers and success fees from clients upon the completion of technology transfers. Client fees are usually paid in cash but may be paid in common stock at the discretion of Tekcapital with agreement from the client.


If I have a question about my shareholding, whom should I contact?

Please refer any questions about your shareholding to the registrars: Computershare, The Pavillions, Bridgewater Road, Bristol, BS13 8AE, +44 (0) 870 702 0003