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Now it is easier than ever to find, evaluate and acquire promising technologies with Tekcapital. Our new app, simply titled “Tekcapital,” is now available on the App Store. It lets you instantly search international university patents with a simple tap. Like all of our services, the app is designed to help your company address the quickening pace of innovation. By providing access to international university patents worldwide, it is a powerful new resource for finding the IP necessary to achieve and retain a competitive advantage.

The app is loaded with features, offering tremendous functionality at a very low cost. Automatic search history and bookmarking allow you to easily track your progress, PDF export lets you quickly share several patents at once, and integration with our Invention Evaluator service lets you request a high-level assessment of the market potential of any patent. The app truly makes searching for technologies more efficient and rewarding than ever before. Simply enter the field, university or solution you’re looking for, and the app will show you all the relevant, international university patents. Get the IP edge you need to revolutionize your products and services with the Tekcapital app.
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“The Tekcapital app is quite impressive – it’s a big leap for IP professionals and companies seeking IP to just open up their phone or tablet and find university technologies around the world in literally any field. It’s a must-have for the very busy people involved in tech transfer, business development, tech scouting, and other roles that revolve around scientific innovations and the commercial application of those discoveries.”

-David Schwartz, CEO 2Market Information

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Expert technology sourcing from 4,000+ universities & research laboratories across 160 countries

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University IP Mobile App
Patent search engine for quickly finding groundbreaking university IP worldwide

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Comprehensive scientific and business review to determine the market potential of new technologies

Technology Transfer Placement Services
Providing knowledgeable and experienced technology transfer professionals for universities and corporations