Technologies Available for License

In addition to identifying and screening technology acquisition opportunities for its clients, Tekcapital also acquires remarkable, university-developed technologies for subsequent out-licensing. These technologies enable companies to rapidly improve their products and develop a competitive advantage. Our stringent criteria for these technology acquisitions are as follows:

  • Technology must be socially responsible and demonstrate a significant advance over the current state-of-the-art, in effect ‘a game changer’.
  • Technology must address a global and growing market.
  • The successful commercialisation of the technology would enable individuals to do things they could otherwise not do or do them more easily and efficiently.

In short, we only acquire or license university technologies that we think, if successfully commercialised will improve the world–the concept of tikkun olam.


Making Gesture Recognition More Accurate

A new patent-pending software technology improves the accuracy of detecting gesture and character inputs across a wide range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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Making Food Healthier

A new patented food preparation technology developed at the University of Arkansas, makes baked chicken (and other proteins) taste fried with 60% less fat.

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A new, all-natural, patented technology that reduces the amount of salt on surface applications by up to 50%, to assist food producers in complying with recent FDA guidelines to reduce sodium concentration in prepared foods, while retaining the salty taste consumers prefer.

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Making it Easier and Painless for Diabetics to Measure Glucose

The World Health Organization estimates that diabetes mellitus is the eighth largest cause of death globally with the diseases fastest growth rate in the developed regions of the world.

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Using Advanced Optics to Enrich the Visual Experience during Work & Play

According to Gartner, 2018 about a third of smart wearables will have near eye head-mounted displays with transparent interfaces incorporated into attractive and fashionable designs which will drive mainstream consumer adoption. View Tekcapital’s proprietary patent portfolio that helps to empower this new paradigm in wearable computing.

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Generating Power from Human Movement to Recharge Mobile Devices

In-shoe Charger for Mobile Devices
Harvesting energy from footwear provides a unique, subliminal, on-the-go solution for recharging mobile devices. The technology embodies micro-electomechanical systems incorporating a piezoelectric device together with new design, high-efficiency AC/DC converter and battery charging circuit.

In-shoe Energy Harvesting Brochure

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning is a Breeze
Exclusively licensed to Wecast Technology Group.

A combination of innovative, yet low-cost technology improvements designed to achieve up to a 25% efficiency improvement in condenser fan operations, compared with existing air conditioning units. The patented system incorporates a condenser fan design that is based on advanced aircraft propeller design elements. The blades in addition to having a unique, complex curvature can also include an air-foil for further improving the airflow efficiency and uniquely configured to reduce noise.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Technology Brochure


The Tekcapital Advantage

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